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Elemeno is the healthiest kids lunch service around

and based on the following principles:


We lean heavily into vegetables to provide children with the most nutrional value possible. When we do use meat, it's lean, local and sustainably raised.

Real Ingredients

Save the lab coats and beakers for science class! Our meals are made from scratch each morning and we steer clear of overly-processed foods.

Allergen free

Too often, children with dietary restrictions or sensitivities are relegated to a lesser version of the original.

Our menu is inclusive for all so children can enjoy our meals together.

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My family is not vegan or vegetarian, in fact, my son's favourite food is bacon. He still enjoys the meals provided by Elemeno to our daycare on a daily basis. Sometimes he brings the leftovers home and I enjoy them too. Thank you elemeno for bringing some extra health and nutrition into our lives.

- A Vancouver mom, son aged 2 years old

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Spaghetti bolognese

Bean and cheese quesadilla

Jap chae

Veggie curry with chicken

Miso soup


Veggies and hummus

Glazed carrots

Crackers with guacamole

Broccoli gomae

Homemade wontons


Mango chia pudding

Green smoothie

Blueberry muffin

Ants on a leaf

Oat square



Macadoodle (our take on mac & cheese)

Homestyle pizza

Stir fry with chicken

Tofu veggie wrap

Tomato soup


Veggies and hummus


Marinated cauliflower

Sweet potato fries

Grilled cheese


Fruit salad

Fruit popsicle

Coconut pudding rings

Zelda bombs

Thumbprint cookie

*All items can be made vegetarian or with any allergy-related modifications

Our lunch consists of a main and two sides and is priced at $10/day plus GST.

We also offer a main and one side, as well as morning or afternoon snack options.

Contact us to build you a quote: info [at] elemeno [dot] com




What regions to you service?

We offer service across the Lower Mainland, including the north shore, Richmond, Surrey and the Tri-cities.

Is there a minimum quantity of orders required? Do we have to sign up for all five days or can it be a few days per week?

We do need a minimum of 10 children enrolled in the program, but you can choose a few days a week service rather than the full five days.

Can we have a menu with a few options each day to choose from or is it one set item per day?

Because we make everything from scratch each day and use fresh, quality ingredients, we typically focus on one daily menu as opposed to an assortment. Having said that, we are growing and open to offering a few options, or perhaps a few varieties within one category (eg. Wrap Day might offer three kinds of wraps).

Does your program deliver the lunches in individual containers? Or do you require the school to have a kitchen and the teachers to portion out the food?

We prefer to deliver the food in large format containers (pots, trays, etc.) that the staff simply warm on the stove/oven before serving. Individual packaging isn't ideal due to the amount of single-use plastic waste it produces. If your school doesn't have a kitchen, we have been working on some alternative options and we'd be happy to discuss these further with you.

Do you offer fundraising opportunities for PACs?

Yes! Please inquire and we'd be happy to help with your fundraising efforts.

How do you say your name?

We've heard a few different variations! But it's just the alphabet: L-M-N-O!


What do you mean by plant-dominant and what about families that eat a lot of meat and dairy?

We closely follow the updated Canada Food Guide which puts a greater emphasis on

vegetables, fruit, legumes and whole grains, and lesser focus on meat and dairy.

With this approach, we are able to focus on areas that sometimes get less attention

(such as fibre, vitamins and minerals). Parents can then maintain their usual dietary

routine for the rest of the day (eg. dairy is common at breakfast, meat is common at

dinner) with the peace of mind that we’re providing balance for the day.

Having said that, we currently use dairy sparingly througout the week and offer a

meat-based main twice per week.

I'm concerned that children won’t get enough protein each day if there isn't meat in every lunch.

Studies show that typical North American diets actually over-index on protein - sometimes as much as 2-3x the recommended daily intake. So while it’s likely that your child gets their recommended amount, we do offer some meat dishes throughtout the week as well as focus on vegetables that are high in protein, such as beans, broccoli and spinach.

What if a child has a unique allergy?

Simple: the ingredient comes out of our menu entirely. As part of our value around ‘food inclusivity’ we ensure that our food can be enjoyed for one and for all!

Some of your meals will be new to some children, are you sure they’ll eat it?

Admittedly, there can be a learning curve to some of our items. We try to use familiar flavours and fun shapes to help encourage adoption, but kids may be a little hesitant at first. But we work closely with the staff to get ongoing feedback so that we can adapt as we go. Our goal is to develop a child’s palette along the entire school year, which takes time but is a long-term benefit to the child (and parent!).

Canada Food Guide

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We would love to hear from you!

info [at] elemeno [dot] co

A recent graduate of SFU’s prestigious Executive MBA program, Ryan has delivered award-winning brand strategy for organizations such as Fairmont Pacific Rim, MEC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.


Most recently Head Chef at Nemesis Coffee, Ivan has worked in a range of exceptional restaurants, from Vancouver favourites Le Marche St. George and Bishops to Michelin star-rated Peid a Terre (England).

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info [at] elemeno [dot] co